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“Dear M – I’m so grateful for your support and assistance with getting my studio up and running! I have full confidence in what you’re assigning me to do every week….I thrive with your weekly tasks!!! But I mostly appreciate you for the belief and reminding me that what I’m offering is VALUABLE, I felt so “scattered” and sometimes lost that I started to not believe in what I have to offer. thanks for all you have done so far and can’t wait for the new year!!! Blessings, P”.



“As Markham’s #1 Fitness and Fat Loss Boot Camp, we pride ourselves with associating with A players in the fitness industry. That being said, we endorse our association publicly, because Misty is definitely best in class, not only in providing her clients top-notch service but also setting an example for other business’ for their marketing and business systems.”

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“I am writing this success story as someone who has benefitted tremendously from the mentoring of Misty, in a very short span of time! Her passion, knowledge and skillset are unmatched! What I love about working with her is her ability to ignite a “can do attitude” in those around her. . .she has such a gift for imparting “belief” in others and giving wings to their dreams!

Misty is definitely a “no-nonsense” kind of girl who knows how to sift through everything and devise an action plan that will enable an individual to move forward with little to no room for excuse making! She is the kind of person that can walk into a room and the temperature changes just by her sheer presence! I guess the best compliment I can pay her is that she is “magnetic” and I love the energy she creates, the way I feel after we’ve had a session over the phone – we hang up, I have my marching orders and I know she’s watching to see my next move!

Anyone who has the opportunity to spend any time at all with her will quickly realize this is one sharp businesswoman with years of experience, she is highly motivated to change the lives of those around her and she has been blessed with unlimited talent to take her anywhere she chooses to go!

I hope my business will one day be as wildly successful as hers has been!”



“ATTENTION: If you A) own lady bits, B) work in fitness/wellness and C) want to make ALL of the monies, you **might** want to speak to one of my ex-coaching clients Misty Mozejko

Not only is she now debt free, having doubled all of her monies (why thank you) – she is really do some rather glorious results with her marketing magic for ladies that lift (and run and do wellness and heal and dance and lunge and stuff) and want to earn more, do less and connect emotionally with their target audience

PS: I 100% guarantee that she is very good at the things & stuff. Just happens to sound a bit like a stripper….”

“Misty Mozejko and I have worked together as part of a group of business owners (determined to do more for our clients) for well over a year. In that time I’ve seen dozens of her clients succeed, and collectively as a group we’re always continuing to work together to improve our systems, service and practices to ensure our client experiences are five-star. In our group Misty is a top tier achiever and role model for many. In my opinion it will be well worth the time to explore whether her services are the right fit for you.”