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If you are a female fitness entrepreneur who is looking to:

[+] Become known as the TRUSTED expert in your market
[+] Create a continuous flow of leads and inquiries
[+] Sky rocket sales, even when you are sleeping
[+] Create more time for yourself and your family
[+] Break free from constant promo’s, offers and deal site offers.

Ensuring you can use your emails to sell is going to be the most important business building skill you will ever own.

Own this skill and you will NEVER go hungry.

10,000 Strong focuses on helping you reach your potential signups while ensuring your list respect you, love you and always buy what you sell.

You have 3 options:

– Start to finish one on one coaching.

This includes the basics from which software to use and how they work all the way up to creating specific autoresponder sequences for multiple programs and sales.

Together we will set up your email marketing systems and softwares, develop email copy and auto-resoponders and work on landing pages and opt in’s for your fitness business.  This 8 week intensive coaching course will get you up and running.

YES – even if you have never used any of these programs before.

The goal here is to create you more money, more freedom and more fun.

– Group Coaching – Coming soon.

Your group coaching is less hands-on but more flexible and recommended for those with a working knowledge of email marketing. This includes Skype calls monthly, email critique and a private user group containing new ideas and projects for members to use.

This monthly membership offers a complete membership site with no commitment. We encourage you to stay for a minimum of 16 weeks however so we can truly implement all the idea’s, lessons and tricks that have been shared with you.

– Online Products.

If you are simply looking for more ideas, tips and tricks my books and blueprints will add to your collections of creative marketing ideas.

These products launched periodically so stay tuned your email for release dates.